Our Story

Welcome to Aria Haus. Congratulations! We are glad you found us on our space across the internet.. We are truly what they say is the labor of love. Aria Haus started as a small brand aiming to revolutionize sustainable jewelry at an affordable price, but we have become a community of bold, inspiring, and confident women within no time.

Truth be told, we were done seeing people being ripped off! Before we jumped in the market, we saw a lot of our customers spending so much money on charlatans and sub-par quality brands money. We wanted to fill that gap to help our customers get the quality they deserve in luxe-plated, stainless steel moissanite, tennis bracelets, and other jewelry items. And that is when we had the light bulb moment. Why not create a brand that is affordable, long-lasting, high-quality, and premium but doesn’t break your bank. From then on, it was a matter of extensive research, designing, creating, curating, and producing to bring Aria Haus into vision.

We pride ourselves in the fact that since day 1 we have the agenda of equal labor, sustainability, giving back to the people, and especially Mother Earth. We ensure that the highest ethical practices and quality materials are the foundation of our brand. We are second to none when it comes to that. We are always learning, evolving, and trying our best to ensure that we fulfill our customer’s expectations.

We won’t say that this is our story. We would just say that this is one part of our constantly evolving story at Aria Haus. You are a part of our journey that we are still embarking upon hoping to build an ethically sourced jewelry brand that brings satisfaction, confidence, happiness, and joy to women all over the world. Keep supporting us!

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