Our Ethos

“Beauty isn’t in being the one who catches the attention of everyone in the room. It is the confidence you exude and the smile that causes you to glow every time you look in the mirror.”

Aria Haus is on a mission to help women be the most authentic and fearless version of themselves they can be. No judgments involved. We strive to help women accept, appreciate, and flaunt their individuality. We do that by offering high-quality pieces that are in tandem your personalities. We want to offer timeless style for everyone. We want to create something that when women wear it, people associate it with their style and personalities. Simply put, we want to give women the confidence to be expressive in their choices of what jewels they wear and flaunt their individuality and unique style.

“Beauty has so many forms and we believe the highest form is in confidence and loving yourself.”

One of our highest ethe is to help women realize that they need to appreciate themselves more. The best love is self-love. Do not wait for society to appreciate you but do things for yourself. The things that make you feel good and the things that give you the confidence to lead a life on your terms. Our jewelry serves a purpose, and that purpose is to celebrate the lives of the women in our community who wear them. We want them to create a legacy with their unique style and distinct personality.

“The world will be a much better place if we take care of each other and make ethics the forefront of everything we do.”

Our passion for jewelry doesn’t come out from some big commercial agenda. It is grounded in a larger social vision of ethical practices, creating livelihoods, nurturing womanhood, create value, and helping women thrive. This is the reason we allocate special time, need, and attention to creating sustainable practices, and ethical boundaries around what we do. There are no shortcuts to success, as we say! Not just this, but we want to create equal access opportunities for all. This is why we have installment options for those who cannot dish out all the money together. Pay us little by little for a few months so you get the item in your hand right away but don’t have to get out of your budget for the month. For a limited time, we are offering it for those in Singapore only, but we are trying our best to go global.

“Your personality is a jewel in itself. The jewelry is just an enhancement. Always remember that!”