Aria Haus Jewelry



Always store your jewelry pieces individually in Aria’s felt pouch or your jewelry box. Storing them individually will prevent them from rubbing or tangling against each other. For necklaces, remember to fasten the chains to avoid tangling. Store them in a dark, cool, dry place, and avoid heat and extreme humidity.

Due to wear and tear, most metals, even though they’re strong and durable, will naturally oxidize when exposed to moisture and humidity, this include your sweat too! To slow down the oxidation process, it is important to take good care of your jewelry pieces by simply storing them in a sealed bag or an airtight compartment. You may clean your jewelry with soft, lint-free cloth, as this will help keep the shine of the jewelry. 


• Mix a few drops of mild soap (never use detergent, household cleaners, or any chemicals) in lukewarm water.

• Use a soft bristled toothbrush or a soft cloth to gently buff your jewelry pieces.

• Pat dry with a lint free cloth, or use a blow dryer with cool air mode to dry your jewelry.

• You may also use a double-sided polishing cloth to keep your jewelry shiny.

• Store each jewelry individually in your jewelry box or Aria’s felt pouch. Always keep your jewlery pieces separate.

High humidity and moisture are the main causes that speed up the tarnishing on your jewelries. If you live in a hot, humid climate, turning on your AC or dehumidifier will help keep your jewelry dry - you can also simply add silica packets in your jewerly box to eliminate any excess moisture!

Silver and gold plated jewelry are best stored in a felt lined box or pouch, since felt helps absorb excess moisture. You may also choose to wrap your silver or gold pieces in polishing cloth to limit exposure to the air. Remember to polish your silver jewelry at least twice a year to remove any tarnish. And, don’t overpolish! This can damage your jewelry.

A simple guide is to always put on your jewelry last - let it be the final step in your beauty routine. Avoid showering or swimming in your gold and silver plated jewelries. Avoid water, whether salt water or fresh water, as this can tarnish and discolour your natural metals. 


Always store your jewelry pieces separately, stones, pearls and metals can easily scratch. 

Never store your freshwater pearls inside a plastic bag because plastic emits chemicals that can dry out the moisture in your pearls and cause them to deteriorate and fracture. Pearls will naturally darken with age.